The Roof on Our Retail Store Started Leaking Bad During the Rainy Season

The corner of the flat roof on the retail shop we own has a three big roof drains that let all the water go into a pipe that must be at least eight inches in diameter. The roof is angled slightly to one end where three rooftop grates take in water and send it through smaller pipes that all connect to a big pipe. The rubber roof around one of the drains started leaking. I called a place that does flat roof repair in Queens to come out and fix it. The drains protrude up through the roof and stick up just above the gravel surface that is laid over the rubber roof membrane. The roof had some years on it, and it was brittle in spots. Where it meets the drain pipe, the brittleness lead to leaks.

The company that does flat roof repair in Queens had to replace the rubber membrane about six feet out around the drain pipe that was leaking. the Rubber had splits in it and was letting water get underneath. This was a temporary fix, and they made sure we understood that. The rubber roof was in bad shape. (more…)

My Day off and Two Broken Major Appliances

Two major appliances broke on the same day. The dryer motor would come on, but the drum would not turn. I knew it was a broken belt, but I had no idea how to replace it. The dishwasher ran through the wash cycle and stopped. It would not drain even when I restarted it. It would wash them again, but it would not drain the water out to go to the rinse cycle. I called a place that does appliance repair in Sacramento that I found online. Their website said they could fix just about everything on the first visit. I would put that to the test.

I gave them the brand and model information for the appliances, and I told them what was happening. The repair technician showed up with the right parts for each machine and fixed them in about 40 minutes. I was happy to be able to dry the towels in the dryer, and the dishwasher finally went to the rinse cycle. (more…)

Of Course the Air Conditioner Went out in July

Everyone looks for hvac services in NYC during July or August because that is the time of the year your air conditioner is most likely to break down. I’ve lived in numerous homes over the decades and the air conditioner always goes out sometime during those two months. Of course it’s because that is when you are running it the hardest. It’s not going to break down in February when you aren’t running it. It’s still a real pain and you just know it will take forever to get someone to come out and fix the unit. They’re super busy.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I found a company that managed to get someone out to the house within a day of calling. That is how great this company is and a sign of how good of a job they do. Most places will let you sweat it out before getting you some relief. These people sent someone out as quickly as possible and the guy really knew his stuff. (more…)

Helping My Sister Find a Place

My sister’s marriage of five years suddenly fell apart and I’ve been helping her look for apartments for rent in Antioch as a way of helping her get back on her feet. It’s been a struggle because she doesn’t have much in the way of marketable skills. She sort of stayed at home and raised her daughter while her husband made all the money and paid all the bills. She and her daughter have been staying with us, but that’s not working out because we don’t have the room for them. My husband and I will help her move, but we need to find the right place.

What we were looking for is a complex with a one bedroom apartment that has enough space for them to stay in. A two bedroom is likely out of the question at this point due to money. (more…)

Perfect Plans For Furniture

Do you have plans to change your furniture? If yes then, you can easily purchase ready-made plans for furniture available in the stores nearby. But, sometimes it is tough to buy what you want to buy. Here, we give you a proper solution, which is custom made furniture. It is a cost effective from the normal furniture and lasts forever. You have wide range of plans and options available. You can actually add your own creativity and style. For every piece of furniture like bed, sofa, chairs, tables bookshelves etc you have different plans.

The fun begins when you want to change your furniture and you are looking forward to perfect plans. Perfect plans for furniture can be searched online as well as it is more convenient rather than going to different shops. Usually one spends a lot of money on purchasing plans, but there is actually no need to spend money. You can actually get these plans for furniture from online for free. Here you might find something more interesting, creative and unique than actually what you had in your mind, something that would definitely change your mind.

Wooden furniture is something that gives your home a very natural, comfortable and royal look. There are lots of people who just go get wood and start cutting without having perfect plans for furniture. And here there are making big mistake without any realization of what they are doing. So, if you have any plans for changing your furniture then, the first thing you should keep in mind is to have a perfect and detail plan for your furniture to do well.

Planning perfect furniture becomes interesting when you have a leisure time to spend on it
the plan for furniture for the desired piece should serve or suit your purpose. The plan should be easy and understandable to suit your furniture piece. The plan you have should go from one step to another from which materials used till the finished piece. Planning a perfect plan can maximize material and will have less scraps. Having perfect plans for furniture can only cut down your budget and save your money.

There are a few steps that need to be followed while planning furniture that is one should not mix too much of furniture together it would look odd. Keep the theme in your mind very clearly the color of your wall and then work accordingly. One should not forget the issue of space big pieces in a small room would not only consume lot of space, but also looks crimp. For bed room especially big furniture pieces do not look good. So, have perfect plans for furniture and then go ahead for stunning results.

Things to consider while buying garden sheds

Garden sheds are sort of multipurpose storage place wherein you can store from most important to less important things in your property. The two major types of garden sheds available are In plastic and wooden. The durability of the shed depends on the material. There are many manufacturers and suppliers of garden shed in Bolton. So once you have selected which type of shed to go in for then the further segregation comes according to your use. All the manufacturers make custom made products to fit in your garden. You can order shed if you fit in any one of the following.

Sheds by size: most important factor to keep in mind while buying a shed. The size of the shed should be according to your utility and requirement. Its not the best idea to go for bigger shed when you are never going to use it.

Garden shed: normal shed to store the gardening equipments. Its not required to go for a massive shed if you are just going to store equipments.

Security shed: tough material of the shed to store the valuable or your household things which you don’t use it regularly but needs to be stored safely.

Summer houses: small arrangement for you to relax while your barbeque is cooked.

One can also fit a concrete garage type of arrangement in the garden. However this arrangement is going to be permanent and not easy to move compared to the wooden garden shed. Concrete garages are best explained if your purpose is not served by the wooden garden shed. If the requirement of the space is more then only one should go for concrete garage arrangement. There are many designs of concrete garages available in the market few of them are mentioned below to fit ones need.

Apex concrete garage: storing use with a distinctive look to fit your property.

Sloping concrete garage: simple arrangement giving a building like look.

Elite: more durable with the use of PVC and bricks and better quality of doors.

Double: need for more room can be satisfied by this arrangement with affordable prices.

Attached: sturdily attached to the house to increase the storage area.

Battery: three or more concrete garage arrangement to fit the need. Can be of same or of different length. Doesn’t need to be fitted in the same line.

X-height: little elevated than the normal garage so that high rise vehicles can fit easily.

Above are some of the tips to make your selection of shed easier.

David Botham currently researching on garden sheds. Stay connected with David for more information about garden sheds and concrete garages.